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Steppe climate, pine air, clean area (situated at 100-200 km distance from major cities), mineral water – are all natural healing factors that allow to welcome adults and children for various treatment programs:

  • respiratory organs,
  • digestive organs,
  • blood circulation organs,
  • neurological disorders,
  • musculoskeletal disorders,
  • gynecological disorders,
  • urological disorders,
  • radiation exposure effects,
  • occupational diseases,
  • restorative medicine, reflexotherapy.

The unique geographical location of "Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort between the steppe part of the Trans-Urals and the mountainous part of Bashkortostan creates the microclimate salubrious for people with respiratory and cardiovascular system disorders, while coniferous ionized air enhances the therapeutic effect.


Karagaysky Resort area

The area around the Health Resort is very picturesque – mountains covered with pine forest, a canyon with a flowing stream.

There is a pond with a well-equipped beach at 200 meters from the blocks. Walks in the forest and Terrainkur are well organized.

Health Resort offers bus tours to Verhneuralsk, which is the oldest city in the Southern Urals, that include visiting local history museum and the famous Verhneuralsk Central, built by Catherine the Great, as well as bus tours to Uchalu (distict center of Bashkortostan).


The territory of Health Resort is equipped with the following:

  • bus station with a waiting room,
  • post office,
  • long-distance telephone service,
  • Utel network coverage,
  • hairdresser’s,
  • SPA Complex,
  • bar,
  • shop,
  • car park,
  • summer and winter sports equipment hire,
  • sports ground,
  • playground for children,
  • tubing with 200 m bar lift,
  • skating rink,
  • cinema,
  • library with a reading room,
  • disco.

Territory map

We have a policy combining moderate prices and high level of service so that every family could find quite an affordable option for rest and treatment at "Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort.


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